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CAST: Lorelei (aka Kristine Imboch), Sabrina Stone, Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Three women in the jewelry beautiful pearl necklace...lots of grueling bondage. This video continues to be one of our best sellers!
Tory Sinclair, Sabrina Stone, and Lorelei (the gal formerly known as Kristine Imboch) star in this story-driven, foot-focused video. Leading us through the twisting plot is Tory, who narrates directly to the camera, telling us, in great detail, about the adventures she and her colleagues had during one attempted theft after another. (Three of the tie-and-gags here are even done ONSCREEN by menacing male hands!)
One particularly rigorous position is experienced by all three ladies: the infamously cruel Pretzel Hogtie! Not many can withstand the torment of the Pretzel Hogtie, but these amazing women do. Nude, elbow-bound, toe-tied, thumb-tied, blindfolded, hogtied, silenced by a ballgag layered-over with duct tape and the gag-strap strictly leashed back to the's no wonder they can barely move.
Sabrina is chair-tied and Tory experiences a sharply-bent oriental fold. Secretary Lorelei gets it worst, though. She's bound at her desk by the thief. Once alone, she kicks off her shoes and hops across the room to the phone. Little does it help, since she ends up hogtied with hard plastic phone cord. (You have to see it to believe how well it works!) Finally, she's fully-suspended naked from a door directly over a vibrating massager until she genuinely orgasms!
This video is custom-made for those who love storylines, narratives, bare feet, killer hogties...or ALL FOUR!