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CAST: Anastasia Pierce,Anna Mills,Ashley Renee,Jacklyn Lick,Kelly Steele


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Ever the professional, Ashley takes to the demanding role of the somewhat inept superheroine “National Pride” like a fish to water. You see, National Pride thinks she can handle any situation but her bumbling keeps landing her in the clutches of her arch-enemies. And boy, do they take advantage of her!

In Story One, National Pride lays unconscious, bound to a medical exam table. Strange dreams of how she got there eventually rouse her from her slumber...which draws the attention of two decidedly wicked nurses who fondle, poke and prod her like the helpless little thing she is. She struggles away from their grasping hands to no avail and soon they thrust a cloth over her face and knock her out to play with her body even more! Waking up again, National Pride finds herself untied and quietly slips out of the exam room. Unfortunately, her escape attempt lands her right back in the clutches of her tormentors and she is chloroformed again! Bound to a big dungeon table, National Pride learns that she has been taken prisoner by evil Miss Magique and her devilish assistant Goldie. Miss Magique uses her magical powers to make a vibrator appear out of thin air and they use it to force a very embarrassed National Pride to ORGASM! Luckily, Goldie seems to have a little crush on the raven-tressed heroine...but this only enrages Miss Magique, who ties both ladies to the big table for some punishment! Bad move, Miss M; now you have two enemies to deal with! Miss Magique winds up bound to her own throne and forced to CLIMAX with the same vibrator she used on National Pride!

Story Two lets us in on a little secret: National Pride is actually the alter-ego of White House committee member Ashley Renee! Ashley has traveled from Washington DC to Los Angeles for a governmental summit on wiping out supervillainy, but when she checks into her hotel she is set upon by wicked supervillainess Hypnosa! Hypnosa intends to launch and attack on the summit meeting and needs information. She uses her silver amulet to hypnotize poor Ashley, whom she hogties and grills for info. Ashley refuses to talk, infuriating Hypnosa. Once alone, Ashley manages to slip her ropes and quickly transforms into National Pride! Of course, this does nothing to impede Hypnosa. She is surprised to find Ashley gone but is more than happy to interrogate National Pride in her place! Soon the hopelessly incompetent superheroine is subjected to the same harsh treatment that Ashley was: tight ropes, ballgags, riding crops, nipple clamps and whips. She is even forced to ORGASM! But National Pride doesn’t screw up ALL the time and soon she turns the tables on her vixenish tormentor...who gets a forced CLIMAX of her own!

After that story we get even more superheroine splendor with redhaired brick-house Kelly Steele, spandex clad from head to toe and tied up tightly!

Chloroform, head-knocks, hypnosis, forced orgasms, boots, masks and spandex, spandex, SPANDEX...what more could you ask for in a superheroine extravaganza?