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CAST: Brittany Andrews,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Beautiful Brittany Andrews has skipped bail, and Jay Edwards has been hired to track her down. Well, after a lot of hard work he's found her, but now he's decided that rather than turn her in to the authorities, he just may keep her! Wearing black stockings, high heels, garterbelt and ballgag, Brittany is tethered to the wall. Jay adds nipple clamps and a line to hoist her crotchrope upward. Next she's on her knees with her elbows together in back. Jay whips her with a bright red flogger. On her feet again, Brittany now sports a red ballgag. A bar holds her arms back and ropes constrict her breasts so tightly they glow a dark, dusky hue. Jay adds nipple clamps and slips a small vibrator under her crotchrope, sending shivers through her body. Bent over a bondage horse with her elbows together and her wrists drawn straight upward, Brittany endures big butterfly clips on her nipples and Jay's whip on her ass. Next Brittany, wearing a big white ballgag, is bound to a post, and the entire post is suspended in the air! Now Brittany is on her back on the bondage horse with her wrists and ankles suspended. Jay pulls out the horse, leaving her in a full horizontal suspension with great whip-access. Tami Monroe is the star of the second part of this tape. Her first position is a severe backbend over a tall stool. Jay pulls off her panty, allowing the intricate crotchrope to adorn her blonde puss, then squeezes and pulls at her breasts and whips her crotch. Next, Tami's standing on one foot, with her wrists over her head and her other ankle drawn way up in back. Jay picks her up like a little toy. The big clamps on her nipples and the small vibrator slipped under her crotchrope cause her to pant around her black ballgag. Lastly, Tami wears a red and black vinyl teddy and struggles on a small swivel-stool. Jay removes her big leather gag, then regags her with the black ballgag. Clamps on her pert nipples complete her bondage.