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CAST: Anastasia Pierce,Kumi Monster

DIRECTOR: Van Darkholme

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Kinbaku artist Van Darkholme brings a new perspective to the ranks of Close-Up's skilled directors!
For his first outing, Van has chosen to weave his intricate Shibari ropework around fetish supermodels Anastasia Pierce and Kumi. The story involves the nefarious deeds of the "Bondo Rapist," a dirty villain who takes women captive and defiles them. (Of course, this is a FANTASY story so the women he ties always end up overcome with pleasure!)
As we open, pretty Anastasia is alone in her home. Unable to reach her lover all day by phone, she has finally given up and gone to bed. Unfortunately, the villain has chosen her as his next victim! Breaking into her house, he quickly renders her unconscious with a drug slipped into her water glass and binds her on her bed. He's even brought a wig with him to re-enact his prior torment of a pretty blonde actress on dark-haired Anastasia. In her own kitchen, the villain manages to chain Anastasia in such a way that she is soon extremely turned on...even though he's video taping her. More bondage follows on an increasingly compliant Anastasia until she's fully suspended from the ceiling!
"Working girl" Kumi Monster is the next victim on the madman's list. He picks her up on a street corner, asking if she's into bondage. "Sure," she says. "Whatever." Soon he has her in an empty warehouse, tied up and blindfolded! In a tight corset and stockings, Kumi is frogtied on the floor. Stripped down even further, she is bound standing on one leg for a whipping, then fully suspended! Finally, she's tied to a chair with vibrators strung all around her, ready to be held against her most sensitive areas. Hot wax on her tits completes her torment! Eventually, the crafty courtesan tricks the villainous rapist into letting her go...and then she pulls out a police badge and gun! Now, Kumi may be an undercover cop but she's no angel. Now that she is in control, she chains the bad guy to the ceiling, STRIPS HIM NUDE and whips his bare backside! (We TOLD you Van brings along a different perspective!)
This high-quality production is indeed an impressive first-outing. The Japanese-themed bondage is beautiful, stringent and intense...but please take note that most of these bondages do not include gags.
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