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CAST: Amber Michaels,Autumn Woods,Carolyn Monroe,Jb Hollywood,Jewell Marceau,Liz Tyler,Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green),Sadie Atkins,Sadie Belle,Tanya Danielle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

In THE FRENCH MAID AFFAIR, buxom Jewell Marceau is tied again and again by bondage vixen Sadie Belle. The camera captures every inch of her lush body as she is stripped topless and helplessly bound (wait till you see the shower scene). Sadie is then tightly roped after the cunning Jewell blackmails her.
For 5 1/2 DAYS Mary Jane gets tied every day for her lunch hour. Her ripe body is tautly tied, her soft skin bulging around my relentless ropes as her mouth is packed with silencing gags.
Next, six top models appear in bondage VIGNETTES! Tanya Danielle, Hollywood, Amber Michaels, and Autumn Woods are topless, Carolyn Monroe and Liz Tyler are in the skimpiest bras imaginable. All are tightly elbow bound and completely helpless.
For closers, cute Sadie Atkins nags Jack until he jumps her, yanks her hands behind her back and tie her up on camera. Two more Sadie scenes follow: an open leg desk tie and a hogtie!
Loaded with unbelievably sexy girls roped hard and forcefully gagged.
Directed by Jack Banner.