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CAST: Duchess Desade,Duchess Desade

DIRECTOR: Damien King

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The Duchess is looking for excitement, so she calls a service girlfriend recommended and asks for the kidnapping fantasy. Well the kidnapper comes and gives her a real kinky time. She is shackled, handcuffed, tied in leather staps, chains, and put in several different positions. Her barefeet are given some great tickling in several different scenes. He is majority aggressive with the tickling. She's dressed in black panties and bra until he decides to take it all off. This lady we find has pierced nipples with rings and a ring in her navel. In another scene we see that she is also pierced in her crotch. We see this when she is bound in a recliner rocker with leather straps and face mask. More tickling and torment are in store for the Duchess...our kidnapper finds her to be a kinky plaything into kinky things.