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CAST: Darla Crane,Karl Gold,Lady Mercy


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Have you ever fantasized about being kept as the personal dungeon slave of a beautiful woman?
Darla Crane is an ultra-stern Mistress. Poor slave Karl yearns in vain for the gentle touch of her hands on his body, but the cruel beauty has never laid a "gentle" hand on him. She even forces him to sleep on the hard floor of her dungeon!
One morning, Karl awakens to his Mistress commanding him to lick her shoes. (The breakfast of champions indeed!) He obediently tongue-bathes her shiny red patent stilettos, then presents his firm ass for a hard spanking from her big paddle hairbrush.
Poor Karl is not happy when Darla tells him that she's going away for a few days, but he calms down considerably upon finding out that his personal needs will be taken care of by Darla's lusty friend Lady Mercy. As soon as Darla is out the door the seduction is on! Lady Mercy is all over Karl, fondling him, rubbing against him...really playing on his weakness for a beautiful woman's touch. As she tries to woo him (in extremely creative ways), he struggles to remain faithful to his beloved Mistress Darla. He endures Lady Mercy's torments with ever-weakening resolve, but never gives in completely to his sexual urges.
When Darla finally returns we find out that Mercy's advances had all been part of a scheme to test Karl's loyalty...and since he's passed the test with flying colors, he deserves a reward. Darla binds Mercy and Karl face-to-face and flogs their entires bodies as they grind together sexily!
Trivia: This video is considered a "rarity" -- it is Darla Crane's ONLY performance ever as a woman topping a man with bondage and discipline.