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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Ariele Anderson,Jenni Lee,Jenni Lee,Jewell Marceau,Karina Santos (aka Karina Ballerina)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When Alexis Taylor discovers the plot of a corrupt city budget planner to steal the rare stamp collection purchased as an investment, he leaves the buxom secretary tied and gagged along with security guard Jenni Lee. The thief also relates the story of how stamp merchant Karina Santos stipulated he bind and gag her before selling him the cursed stamp known as “The Damsel of Freedonia.” Detective Ariele Anderson seeks revenge on fugitive Alexis Taylor after the villainess humiliated her. Ariele cuffs the busty beauty to the bed, then ties and gags herself as part if her plot, but things don’t quite work out as she’d planned.A radio shock jock is surprised when he burglarizes his boss’s house as part of an on-air prank. He encounters lingerie-clad Jewell Marceau, who insists he tie and gag her.The feature concludes with a vignette of damsel Karina Santos, tape-gagged, straitjacketed and cuffed to a bed. This story-driven feature has lots of on-screen tying and gagging.Directed by Jon Woods