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CAST: Joy Marks,Sabrina Stone,Shay Sights,Talia Monet,Tanya Danielle

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

By day, tall, busty Shay Sights is a celebrity body guard but whenever her regular protective skills aren't enough, she slips into her alter-ego, Action Gal! In Story One, Shay has been hired to watch over Talia Monet. Talia is a reporter who's been writing an investigative piece that has been helping law enforcement get a lot of big underworld figures off the streets and behind bars. Evil Mysteria, however, has made it her mission to stop Talia's one-woman anti-crime crusade. Action Gal and Talia must endure their tormentor's wrath -- Mysteria even forces an orgasm out of Talia with a vibrator! In Story Two, Shay is in charge of security for Tanya Danielle, a pop singer-superstar. Tanya has been getting some pretty threatening letters lately, and her manager hires Shay to keep things under control. Wicked Danger Dame knows Tanya has millions of fans, and she wants to brainwash the pretty blonde into using her celebrity to bend the minds and wills of the public to her bidding. Danger Dame manages to ensnare both beauties, and even forces Action Gal to climax against her will! Two forced climaxes and five knock-out scenes make this one hot superheroine adventure!