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CAST: Sally Roberts,Jean Casey,Susan Blair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Unavailable to the public until now, this fully scripted bondage adventure stars America's bondage sweetheart of the early eighties, Sally Roberts. Sally plays a day nurse who's been called out to visit a residence. When she gets there, though, there's no one home. What she hasn't noticed, however, is that Susan Blair has slipped into the back seat of her car, and as soon as Sally sits in the driver's seat, Susan slips a rope around her throat! Susan binds Sally completely and drives her away. Poor Sally is held prisoner, a voice over letting us know of the physical and emotional discomfort of her bondage. Finally Susan lets Sally know why she's been kidnapped. Due to some tests she took upon becoming a nurse, she is on record as having an amazing amount of psychic ability. A certain scientist wants her to join his ESP society, but she refuses. Sally is tied and gagged very tightly, many times on camera. She's suspended, and left alone to suffer. Will she ever escape the clutches of her evil captors? And does she really have psychic ability? The second part of this tape features a short piece starring Jean Casey grabbed, chloroformed, and strictly bound by an unknown male intruder. Don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on this terrific, dramatic piece of bondage storytelling, featuring three of the great bondagettes of the eighties!