AKA Bound

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CAST: Eve Ellis,Tasha Welch


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Eve Ellis and Tasha Welch help to introduce a great new independent producer!Jack Banner is his name, and we'll wager you won't be forgetting it soon. This new line of independent videos for Harmony is strictly top-notch -- the bondagettes and the bondage! The bondagettes, of course, you already know. Eve Ellis is one of the greatest models Harmony's seen, ever. She can take it tighter than tight, and she looks too amazing for words while she's doing it. Tasha Welch takes her fair share as well, tightly and simply bound. The lingerie is after the style of Irving Klaw -- high-waisted panties, girdles, stockings and garters and of course, high-heels. The bondage is styled after the great John Willie, with hair-ties and ballgags -- elbows together, AND 14 different bondages! To top off all of these terrific aspects, Eve and Tasha have wonderful, cozy, sensual and sexy chemistry. If you're looking for something new, we have a feeling BAN-1 should be your cup of tea!Produced and directed by Jack Banner.