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CAST: Carolyn Monroe,Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Adorable Stacy Burke stars here as a bondage model with a bit of a crush on Jay. Before the shoot she primps and makes-up carefully, hoping to catch his attention, but he's all business. He even scolds her for flirting with him -- talk about an iron will! As they begin the shoot, Stacy just can't control herself. She slips right back into flirting, batting her eyes coquettishly and verbally teasing Jay as he applies the ropes. The man is a professional though, and no frisky model is going to distract him from his work -- even if she is a knockout! Try as she might, through several strict bondages and onscreen gaggings, the petite vamp just cannot get a rise out of Jay and she starts to get a little pouty. Jay has just the answer to get her mind back on bondage modeling where it belongs: a full wrist suspension! She endures one tough position after another, but when all their work is done, will Jay finally give Stacy what's she's begging for? Following the storyline are three scenes featuring ultra-busty blonde, Carolyn Monroe, clad first in black lingerie, then completely nude and barefoot. The bondage positions are sexy and effective, and include some deliciously tight breast bondage! Previews of JEV-90 included.