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CAST: Allison Brach (Aka Greta Carlson, Precious Pink),Chelsea Pfeiffer


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Allison Brach is alternately interviewed and bound for her Model Profile video. You'll learn that her favorite color is hot pink, and you'll see hot pink all through the video, as she wears her favorite outfits for the bondage scenes. Giggling interviewer/director Chelsea Pfeiffer asks Allison about other favorites: position, role, part of a shoot, and hobbies (she's a Black Belt!?). At times during the bondages, Chelsea's leather-gloved hands slide in to gag, caress, or undress Allison. This mature blonde's best feature is her ample chest (mounted on a sexily toned bod); her Achilles' heel is that she can't really take a decent gag. Originally produced in 1989. Curiosity caught the cat-burglar, and will she regret her transgression? It remains to be seen…!