Amber's the Bomb

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CAST: Alicia Silver,Amber Michaels,Angelique Lei,Cassandra Knight,Sadie Belle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"AMBER'S THE BOMB!" Okay, we admit it, we have a thing for the absolutely A plus Amber Michaels (and her acting ability!). In this admittedly Amber centric video, she ably portrays the perfect Harmony Shopping Channel spokeswoman who mistreats her model assistant (the also beautifully blonde Alicia Silver) and experiences the boomerang effect, in "Amber's Makeup." Then Amber is made to participate in a bound with a lot of ducttape contest against gorgeous goddess Sadie Belle. Then she revels in a mutual and prolonged onscreen tying-fest with Sadie as they creatively tie each other up in "Amber and Sadie's Bed Romp!" Finally, just to keep you guessing, we have a non Amber sequence with Cassandra Knight and Angelique Lei bound in nothing but panties and heels, back-to-back on a steamer trunk.Directed by Oak O'Kork