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CAST: Andrea Neal,Sirena Scott (aka Shayna Clark)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Andrea Neal stars in a series of tight and sexy bondages specially designed for her!
In a variety of outfits (pretty white, classic lingerie, black spandex pants and sheer top, white spandex hot-pants) Andrea alternately portrays the damsel-in-distress, her eyes pleading for release as only she can, or the vixen as she acknowledges the erotic possibilities of her predicaments.
Often double gagged, first with a ballgag then taped or wrapped over, Andrea gets quite a workout!
Finally, our Andrea is joined by Sirena Scott (billed here as "Shayna Clark"), who is on the receiving end of the bondage this time. Andrea even teases poor, embarrassed Sirena with a vibrator! (Pretty spicy stuff for Harmony's beloved damsel-next-door!)
Produced and directed by Phil Carson.