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CAST: Heather,Jenni Lee

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"It?s my lucky day...AGAIN!" Jay declares as he finds that a good friend has sent him yet another boxful of beautiful, bound babe. And who wouldn't agree? Sultry Heather is a gift any man would appreciate, especially when she's bound, gagged and helpless! Taking her inside, Jay inspects his present thoroughly, then toughens up her bondage to keep her in place while he prepares to make the most of her. Starting his nude toy off with a couple of positions on a tall stool allows Jay ample opportunity to kiss and fondle her passionately. Now corset-clad, Heather is placed into a one-foot standing tie that is made super-difficult when Jay hoists her up so that she can barely keep her toe on the ground, then she's roped from head-to toe on the floor. Finally, a seated strappado with suspended ankles distresses Heather...until Jay slips a vibrator under her crotchropes to relax her! After the story we are treated to three ultra-hot scenes of sweet Jenni in cruelly tight, Japanese-inspired hemp rope bondage. This cute little blonde can really take what Jay dishes out! (Please note that the previews for this video included on JEV-125 incorrectly showed four scenes of Jenni -- there are actually three scenes of Jenni in this video.) Includes previews of JEV 127.