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CAST: Andrea Neal,Gloria Reyes,Jordann Scott


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

"APARTMENT WITH A PAST"Starring: Jordann Scott, Gloria Reyes, Heidi Lee, and Andrea Neal. Jordann Scott and Gloria Reyes have recently moved into a new apartment. The bondage-loving ladies take some bed-bound pictures of Gloria for their new website, then the sexy Latina leaves to have the photos developed. While Gloria is away, Jordann is confronted by a friend of the previous tenant, who's looking for jewelry from a robbery stashed somewhere in the apartment. When Gloria returns, she's promptly grabbed too. Taking advantage of the equipment they have on-hand, the intruder buckles Jordann into a straitjacket and plastic-wraps Gloria while he continues his search for the hidden loot. The story is followed by damsel-in-distress vignettes starring buxom blondes Heidi Lee and Andrea Neal.Directed by Jon Woods