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CAST: Brandy (Aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We open on Brandy in white lingerie and heels, bound, ballgagged and chain-leashed. Bryan grabs her and fondles her big breasts, then packages her into a tight hogtie onscreen. Next Brandy, now braless, is standing with her wrists and ankles cuffed and locked to two long chains. Bryan locks on a slave collar and clamps her nipples before caressing her thighs. Now we find the whimpering slave fully suspended from her wrists. She is nude, except for her high-heels and an intricate crotchrope adorning her hips and puss. Sporting the same crotch-web and some tight breast-bondage, Brandy is leaning against a tall stool. A bit gag causes her to drool all over her tits. Bryan runs a rope from her gag to the ceiling, forcing her to stand and crane her face upward. Now Brandy is nude and barefoot, tied into an immobile squat-position, and suspended from the center of a St. Andrew's cross! Many strands of rope wind around her hips and upper thighs and pull her pink labia wide open. Her legs are suspended and Bryan tethers her pink toes to the floor and applies clothespins to her nipples! Moving on we find the harness-gagged transformed her into a human candle-holder. A taper candle is wedged between her boobs, it's flame mere inches from her chin. A line running from her harness-gag to the ceiling prevents her from pulling her face away. Bryan drips even more wax onto her tits while she moans and tries not to move. For her last tie Brandy wobbles on knee-point. Bryan adds some ropes, onscreen, to her wiggling bare feet. Her gag for this scene is a thick wooden dowel that causes her to drool A LOT. By scene's end her whole body is painted with glistening saliva! By the end of this video we find that all this domination has only whetted Brandy's appetite.