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CAST: Brook Evans,Delaney,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The real star of the show is the sexual nature of submission -- the amazing sensual responses of these willing bondage slaves!
Deep dark shadows surround nude Delaney as she kneels in the basement, alone. A single light enhances her solitude and the contrast of her soft nude flesh against barren, stark surroundings. Jay enters to touch Delaney sensually. He adds nipple-clamps and cranks her thigh-ropes up to tighten her position. Next she's placed on the floor, arms up and legs spread wide to display the crotchrope on her pretty pinkness. Jay joins Delaney to caress and calm his struggling captive. Then he turns the crank to lift her completely off the ground until she's turning in mid-air. The lighting is superb; a work of art as it traces the curves of her helpless body. Delaney's left standing elbow-bound; Jay thoughtfully gives her a toy to pass the time with.
Voluptuous Tami Monroe starts out with a back-bender. There's a fun moment (for us) when she squeals because she thinks she's going to fall. (There are many other cute moments when Tami communicates with Jay via moans, mmphs and noises of pleasure or alarm.) Tami's taken from a fat ballgag to mouth-stuffing and med-wrap. Med-wrap is as solid as rock once it's applied, so she's properly muffled for her coming discipline: the stinger-whip lays into her tits, thighs and crotch. Tami loves to feel the thudding of the whip on her mons; this scene is excellent as she tries to encourage Jay with her eager mmphs--abruptly he stops and leaves her wanting more. Restrained in a white armsleeve, Tami preens as Jay squeezes her luscious breasts; her nipples harden into little pearls. She's given a drink of water, then re-gagged. Tweezer clamps are tightened until we see Tami's nipples flatten. Jay adds tape over her nubs and on top of the mouth-strap (she likes that). The nipple chain is then buckled to her knees, and there she stays, wishing he'd return. Naked Tami sits on the rotating pallet, chewing on her ballgag head-harness. Jay takes a leather slapper to her tits. She loves the attention, but she doesn't like it when he strikes the sensitive underside of her breasts. To end the session, the blonde doll's posed with elbows roped tightly together, standing in high heels. She's instructed to bend over and present her bare buns for Jay's whip. It's the mean red whip this time, and she cries out very appealingly.
Sensual Brook Evans heats up the bedroom. Her mouth is slowly packed with cloth and carefully sealed with tape. She's tit-whipped as her breasts turn color in their tight rope-bondage. She takes a thigh-whipping and then the leather tail flows teasingly over her responsive body. Pleasure returns to pain again as the flogger finds her vulnerable ass. The leather is heavy and snaps hard; you can hear the effect it has on her. Within a few strokes her cheeks are mottled with red marks. With this hands, Jay checks the temperature of her skin; imagine how hot her flesh is there! Posed on knee-point with arms stretched up, Brook models marks from the previous scene on her arms and breasts. A bitgag cleaves her full lips, and a tight knotted crotchrope parts her nether lips. Jay fondles Brook, gifts her with nipple clamps, and kisses her until her hips weave unconsciously in a dance of female arousal.
The program closes with a full preview of JEV-73!