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CAST: Darby Daniels

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Darby is getting ready to go out on a date so she's all dolled up in a tight dress, high heels and some very sexy, full-fashioned stockings. (We get some great upskirt shots of her going up and down stairs!) Unfortunately, she never even makes it out of the house because a hooded man bursts in her front door and grabs her! The lissome redhead puts up quite a fight but she's no match for him and soon he has her wrists bound behind her back. He paws her body like an animal, pulling her breasts out of her bra and squeezing her buttcheeks. A ballgag stifles her protests. Looks like a day of bondage enslavement for poor Darby! On-camera gagging is quite enjoyable as the poor captive tries to prevent the rubber penis-plug from entering her mouth. Eventually the intruder strips her nude and crotchropes her cruelly. But does she really hate all this attention?