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CAST: Alex Del Monacco,Rachel

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay enters the living room with Alex slung over his shoulder. Her blonde curls bounce as he roughly plunks her down on a stool and leaves her to consider her predicament. Affixing mean little clamps on her nipples, Jay tells her that what she wants isn't important right now. All that matters, he explains, is what he wants and now it's her job to provide his entertainment. Securing Alex to the stool, Jay hoists her ankles off the ground and leaves her struggling for balance. Next, we find Alex in a similar "ab-crunching" position on the stool but now in her stockinged-feet with a bright blue harness ballgag to match her teddy. What as Jay pulls the stool out from under her and leaves her spinning helplessly in midair! Sitting frogtied on the stool, Alex is clearly unhappy with the big, weighted clamps Jay applies to her nips...but she finds out what real discomfort is when he again pulls the stool out and leaves her dangling in a full wrist-suspension! Now in white lacy undies and stay-ups, Alex's is bound kneeling with hands-over-head so that Jay is free to apply ropes anywhere on her body that he wants...which he does, ON camera. Tit-clips just make things harder on our tight-bound blonde. Time for a hot red ensemble (waspie, gloves, heels, ballgag) and a tough strappado. Why yes, Jay will be happy to whip your ass, Alex! Fully nude, Alex struggles exhaustedly on the floor in a lotus tie with hammered-in-back wrists. When will she ever get free?
Next, Jay carries petite Latina Rachel in over his shoulder. This damsel is indeed distressed as she groans and moans in discomfort. Maybe a post strappado with a spanking and some nipple clamps applied over her lingerie cups will quiet her down a bit? No way! Next, Rachel is bound kneeling on a stool, tethered in front to a post that keeps her from resting back on her heels. (Talk about a workout for the quads!) Just to make thing interesting, Jay enters and torments her poor breasts again, eliciting more grunts. When he pulls her ankles up in back it changes the whole dynamic of the tie -- and not in a good way, judging by Rachel's squeals. Now we find Rachel seated on the stool with her elbows lashed together tightly. Maybe it's the knotted crotchrope she's sitting on...or maybe it's how killer-tight her elbows are tied...or maybe it's the squasher clamps crushing her nipples flat...but something definitely has our girl drifting off into sub-space. She can barely move! Well, if she wants to be quiet, Jay will be happy to oblige. We dare you to try not giggling nervously at the HUGE wad of cloth he seals into her mouth after popping out her ballgag!
90 full minutes, plus a fat preview of JEV-172!