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CAST: Alex Foxe,C.J. Bennet,Kaylynn,Brandi Lyons


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

STORY ONE...Two tales of women who are pissed off and fed up! First, sexy Brandi has a bad habit of sneaking into her roommate Kaylynn's room and stealing stuff. Kaylynn has had it and tries to kick Brandi out of the house. This starts a big, hair-pulling fight, but Brandi gives up after only a few minutes.
Kaylynn sets a trap for her sticky-fingered bunkie, though, and they are soon at it again, fighting, wrestling and pinning each other down on the bed! Suddenly Kaylynn does a face-plant between Brandi's thighs and then...
STORY TWO...Ballerina-turned-pornstar CJ Bennet plays a gal who is pissed off at her roommate, Alex Foxe. Alex has been boinking Bennet's beau and the battle is on!
CJ ambushes Alex as she returns home from a date with the unfaithful cad, jumping her and wrestling her to the floor! Alex fights back for all she's worth and the clothes-ripping begins as these bitched-out babes move to the sofa.
Of course, they soon find out that they can get along just fine without any men at all!
(Written and directed by Darla Crane!)