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CAST: Sabrina Mills,Stephanie Fox

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

While checking the stock report on TV, Jay happens upon the 'Dr. Lisa' call-in advice show. The ultra-conservative Dr. Lisa (brown-eyed gamine Sabrina Mills) is taking a call from 'Bev' who is confused by her growing interest in being tied up. Dr. Lisa tells Bev that she should NEVER let a man tie her up -- that women shouldn't be submissive to men in any way! This haughty attitude gets Jay's dander up in a big way, and he decides Dr. Lisa needs to hear his thoughts on just how submissive women should be.
He approaches the arrogant therapist as she's getting into her car and before she knows it, he's got a soaked cloth over her gasping mouth! Once she's out, he tosses her into the back seat and races away in her car, and when she awakes, she is greatly confused to find her wrists bound behind her. Jay wrestles her out of her blouse and bra and straps her up, but is it her overblown self-regard that keeps her from screaming for help, or maybe something else? Jay gags, strips, ties and punishes her until she's crawling and wriggling at his every command. Looks like a new attitude for Dr. Lisa.
Pretty blonde Stephanie Fox has four scenes of intense bondage. Her positions are strict and accessible, and Jay pays much attention to her perfect breasts and nipples. She drools around her ballgags and pants. This gal is a more-than- willing submissive!
Includes previews of JEV-96!