Balance Of Power

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CAST: Cathryn Beaumont,Danni Ashe,Julia Leahy,Morgan Phoenix


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"THE BALANCE OF POWER" Mini-stories and vignettes explore "The Balance of Power" in SEVEN THEMES OF FANTASY: REVENGE: Buxom Dannielle Ashe is caught looking through someone else's desk. Kristine Imboch exacts re- revenge, duct-taping Dannielle to a chair, then gagging her for good measure (on-screen). RISK: Plucky reporter Julia Leahy trespasses at a warehouse, and finds herself hogtied and gagged on a grimy mattress. DEHUMANIZATION: Julia relaxes on the sofa with her heels propped up on a human footstool (a hooded, ball-gagged and strictly ball-tied slave ILLUSION: Roped and gagged on-screen, golden-maned submissive Morgan Phoenix fantasizes that her mistress is her twin. MYSTERY: Who is the caped cad who grabs Catharine Beaumont and binds her (on-screen) with men's ties? Catharine's always getting into a jam! HOSTILITY: Kristine jumps to conclusions and thinks she has the right to leave Julia standing bound, gagged and topless. REVERSAL SAL OF FRUSTRATION TO TRIUMPH: When Julia gets loose, she shows Kris the ropes. Kris endures a strict bent- over position, is properly humiliated when she can't help but salivate all over her ballgag and finally slumps in defeat.