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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lovely Bambi Newberry is grabbed from behind by a man who clamps a cloth over her mouth and nose! She tries to struggle, but is soon overcome and tossed into the trunk of his car!
When we next see her, she is still passed out, but now she is securely bound and gagged, and wearing only her black garterbelt, stockings and heels. She awakens and tries to flee, but runs smack dab into Jay who slings her over his shoulder and proceeds to bind her in several strenuous positions.
We learn that he has kidnapped poor Bambi to coerce her tycoon father into giving up a secret crucial to his computer biz. And to make sure that daddy knows how unhappy his daughter is, Jay must keep her extremely uncomfortable...his specialty!
He applies ultra-tight bondage, pulls and squeezes her tits, clamps her nipples, and generally treats her like the sex hostage that she is. In some of the positions her abductor keeps her tethered to the ceiling so that she can't sit or rest...and in one amazing scene he hoists her ass right off her chair and semi-suspends her from her crotch rope!
She uses those big, sad brown eyes to their fullest, but this has no effect on her heartless captor. Won't her father ever come through with the ransom?
The last two scenes feature sweet Eve Ellis, first perched on a tiny bench between her thighs, then bent over with her ballgag padlocked to a post in front of her and her wrists pulled back over her head. Jay alternates between tender caresses on her face and breasts and firm spanks on her round ass. We can tell that he is really stretching this bondage icon's limits; she pants and whimpers and her perfect, smooth forehead glistens with the sweat of exertion. Hot!
The end of this tape features a preview of JEV-81!