Banner's Bondagettes

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CAST: Darby Daniels,Hollywood,Janie Small,Jewell Marceau,Kendra Summers,Stacy Burke,Tory Sinclair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"BANNER'S BONDAGETTES" We don't know if it's just spring fever, but Jack Banner has turned in a sensational video with 22 different bondage positions and 8 gorgeous bondagettes! Storylines lean toward the tongue-in-cheek, as "Banner's Bondagettes" Stacy, Jewell and Hollywood compete in a couple of beautifully bizarre contests. First, a cleavage contest, that consists of the ladies bust lines being measured once they are bound elbows together, their chests thrust forward. Second is a drooling contest, during which the cutie contestants are whiffle-ballgagged, their drool measured in cups as they can no longer contain it! Vignettes range in style from Willie to Japanese, but the emphasis on ladies dressed in classic black and white bras, panties, stocking, garters, heels and gloves dominates. Produced and Directed by Jack Banner.