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CAST: Francesca Lé

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

XXX star Francesca Le is Bryan Davis' barefoot slave!
In the first scene, Francesca is roped on the floor as Bryan applies foot-bondage for the camera. He then examines his pretty parcel while Francesca becomes responsive to his roaming hands. Her pretty eyes are wrapped with a white blindfold, which is roped back to her big toes (good close-ups of her feet).
Next, Francesca's told to put on leather cuffs and collar. Bryan chains her into a tip-toe spread-eagle! (Foot close-up included.)
While she's stretched out on display, a leather strap harness is buckled onto her beautiful bod. Bryan's hands do their magic until Francesca's purring in spite of herself.
And there's more: On-screen application of ballgags!
Francesca winces when Bryan puts clothespins on her nipples. Unusual four-point semi-suspension with an X-cross (oh, the possibilities!). On-screen tit-&-nip bondage. Nice close-up of nipple-strings.
By the closing scene, Bryan has Francesca in slave chains, and she's sensually fondling her bonds and breast--ready to continue her captivity all night long.