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CAST: Sabrina Stone

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This landmark video from Bryan Davis marks Sabrina Stone's very first appearance in a Close-Up video. Her stunning performance here kicked off a long and happy relationship between this luscious redhead and our producers! Enduring the strict bondage of Master Bryan is not easy, but Sabrina really gets into her role and gives 100%.
Sabrina is grabbed by an intruder and pulled to the floor. Her wrists and ankles are roped as she cries out "what do you want?" She struggles in despair when she can't escape Bryan's roaming hands. Left alone for a moment, she tries to activate a cell-phone but gets caught in the act. Her new master leashes her and walks her around in her cute yellow bikini before she's settled in her new slave quarters.
Sabrina drools uncontrollably on her bare breasts and squeals as clothespins are clipped to her nipples. Onscreen gagging mutes her protests, onscreen tying presses her beautiful breasts, and foot bondage shows off her feminine form!