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CAST: Alex Foxe,Brandi Lyons,Carolyn Monroe,Zana


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

STORY ONE…Sweet li'l Zana has a bone to pick with long legged Carolyn. The busty blonde has been makin' time with Zana's man. Not one to take such things lying down, Zana picks a fight with Carolyn right there in the barn!
The hayseed hellcats tear into each other, clawing breasts, pulling hair and wrestling on the bales. But is Zana really all that mad?
STORY TWO…Brandi just can't get over the fact that Alex stole her boyfriend a while back. Brandi tries to keep her cool, but Alex just keeps on provoking her until insults turn into shoves.
The fight is on! But can innocent little southern belle Brandi take it when Alex tried to do to her all the naughty things she did with her boyfriend?
(Written and directed by Darla Crane!)