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CAST: Kordelia Devonshire,Tatyanna

DIRECTOR: Michael Kahn

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Two more damsels have found themselves wrapped up in the colorful ropes…and straps…and scarves…and chains…and even zip-ties…of east coast bondager Michael Kahn!
Fair-skinned blonde Kordelia is the first entree on this vivid menu. Confused and angry, busty Kordelia is tossed to the floor in front of the camera. Master Kahn moves in with a knockout towel to silence her angry protests and it’s lights out! Kordelia endures six different bondages (her first one involves a red canvas straitjacket!) Ballgags, ring-gags and dental-spreaders are usually added in the middle of the scene, through the assistance of the soft paper knockout towel.
Strawberry blonde Tatyanna is next and we find her already roped in the dungeon. Tanned and taut, Tatyanna endures seven sexy restrictions that show off her hot body. (In her third tie, her legs are frog-strapped and vibrator buzzes furiously underneath her thong panty!) The colorful ropes, leather straps, cuffs and zip-ties she sports really compliment her vibrant ballgags and ring-gags.
Both Kordelia and Tatyanna play up the drama, complaining and mmmphing directly to the camera.
Pretty models captured in a dungeon, lingerie, high heels, bare feet, and a wide variety of fetters and gags...what the heck are you waiting for?
(Available on DVD only!)