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CAST: Guy Disilva,Jaysson Crane,Loren Chance,Stacy Burke,Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

Tony Starc has done it again! In this, his newest endeavor, he has managed to work his particular brand of bondage magic on two of the fetish world's most popular and "into it" models; you have never seen Stacy Burke or Loren Chance in situations like this!
CHAPTER ONE: A CHANCE ENCOUNTER...Loren Chance has shown up to shoot with Tony. Despite her nervousness, she is clearly intrigued by Tony's unusual and assertive style. She slips off her dress obediently and poses for the camera as Tony and his assistant Jaysson look on. Eventually the men begin to touch and fondle her body, which excites her. Soft caresses turn to stinging slaps and her asscheeks redden. Soon Loren is bound and ballgagged, completely vulnerable to them. Not vulnerable enough, though. Tony asks Loren if she's ever been "knocked-out." She hasn't, but is very willing to try it. Soon Jaysson has the white cloth over her face and she's gasping for air. The camera gazes directly at her face as she goes out. The rest of the afternoon is spent binding, gagging and fondling Loren's sexy body. She even begs to be knocked-out again and awakens tied spreadeagle on the bed. A buzzing vibrator and both mens' hands bring the clenching, screaming ORGASMS she needs! Just what kind of voracious sexual appetite have these guys unleashed in lovely Loren?!
CHAPTER TWO: A STACY STORY...Always punctual, fetish supermodel Stacy Burke arrives for her shoot with Tony but is greeted instead by a man she assumes is Tony's assistant. Guy seems friendly (and harmless) so when he decides to start the shoot without Tony she is unconcerned. She does seem a bit unsure, though, about the way he keeps touching her body and "helping" her undress. Soon the petite blonde is nude and bound. Guy can't resist joining her on the bed and running his big hands all over her petite, tanned body. This is quite out-of-the-ordinary for a bondage shoot, but to Stacy it also feels incredibly good and she doesn't want it to stop. She's conflicted and hesitant to proceed...yet she purrs with pleasure at his skilled touch. Again and again Guy binds Stacy, thoroughly enjoying her every curve (especially her sweet, round ass). When he finally teases her pretty little pussy with a big wand vibrator she practically EXPLODES in ORGASM! But why has Tony himself missed the entire shoot?