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CAST: Blaze, Natalie Minx, Shannon Kelly, Vicky Van Warren

DIRECTOR: Richard Fitzwell

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Close-Up's newest Producer shows us the kinky habits of a very fetishy couple!
When Richard Fitzwell met bondagers Vicky Van Warren and her fella Blaze, he was more than a bit intrigued to learn how they managed to keep things interesting in the marital bedroom. After all, it's not many couple who stay interested in each other by getting sexy with other women!
We open on fetish starlet Natalie Minx parking her car in the garage. As she heads upstairs we can tell that she's a bit nervous, but why? Suddenly, a man rushes the pretty brunette! He shoves a rag over her face and she's out in a flash!
When Natalie finally comes to, she's on a strange bed, clad in only her undies, being roped into a hogtie...and that's not all: across the room another gal (redhead bondage dynamo Shannon Kelly) is being frogtied on the floor!
All day long the two helpless women are tied up, gagged and sexually tormented, often on camera. Blaze does the binding, while cruel Vicky toys with the captives and removes bits of their lingerie.
Will these poor, innocent girls ever get free? (Do they even want to?)