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CAST: Claire Dames,Faith Deluca,Katarina Kat,Kayla Paige,Leah Jaye,Naudia Nyce,Rachel Luv,Savannah Stern,Taylor Curtis


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Kayla Paige is an investigative reporter who helps girls uncover their partners’ cheating ways. Unlike the host of a certain television show with a similar premise, however, Kayla tends to jump right in, helping her victimized guests get physical revenge!
Case File #1: Faith Deluca thinks her girlfriend (Leah Jaye) may be cheating on her and turns to Kayla for backup. When Kayla’s team discovers that Leah has been having a raunchy webcam sex fling with a man, things get downright ugly. Kayla even straps on a dildo to help Faith fuck some sense into lusty Leah…but can this relationship possibly be saved?
Case File #2: Taylor Curtis' boyfriend has been behaving strangely and she thinks he might be having an affair with a girl from work (Rachel Luv). After a thorough investigation, Kayla’s camera crew bursts in on the corrupt couple in flagrante delicto. The cowardly beau takes off running, but Rachel sticks around to rub poor Taylor’s nose in his betrayal. Bad move, honey! Time for a little two-on-one! Case
File #3: Savannah Stern tells Kayla that her girlfriend (Naudia Nyce) has seemed cold and distant lately. She goes missing for hours at a time and chunks of money keep disappearing from their joint bank account. Kayla finds evidence that Naudia is having an affair – but when they go to confront her, they find her hogtied and ballgagged on a hotel bed! Savannah and Kayla force the truth out of Naudia with a scalding hot three-way romp!
Care File #4: Busty Claire Dames has been with the same guy for two years but now he keeps coming home smelling like someone else’s perfume. She finds a strange necklace in his car and decides to ask Kayla for help. The “necklace” turns out to be a ballgag! Turns out Claire’s guy would rather play sneaky bondage games with her best friend (Katarina Kat) than just confess his fantasies to her. She and Kayla tear into Katarina, even using the boyfriend’s bondage toys on her!