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CAST: Anna Lieb

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan Davis binds lovely pin-up and fetish model Anna Lieb...and likes it so much that he gives her a private slave-name to use only with him! When playing bondage games with Bryan, Anna will be called "Katrina."Bryan leads Slave Katrina in on a leash, ignoring the whimpers coming from behind her ballgag. He ties her into a kneeling position (almost entirely on camera) and fondles her body through her dress. Now the leash is run to the ceiling, keeping her on her feet. Bryan pulls off her dress, revealing her red pant-ies and black stockings.After securely roping her arms he fondles her perky tits and sleek thighs. Next, Katrina's bent over a bondage frame with her harness ballgag tethered back to her arm ropes. Bryan slips off her panties, spreads her legs, and squeezes her thighs. Now we're treated to a nice, long close-up of Bryan packing Katrina's rosebud mouth with cloth and layering white med-wrap over that. She's totally nude and barefoot, and bound standing against a bondage frame. Her nipples are pinched by suspended clamps. A few quick adjustments and the helpless blonde is actually straddling the frame with all of her weight resting on her most tender flesh. Clamps adorn her nipples and Bryan strokes her tits and belly.Next, a back-bender position over a curved wooden frame really tests her flexibility. Sitting on the floor with a long spreader bar between her ankles, Katrina tries to use those big blue eyes on Bryan, but no such luck! He binds her into a very "open" position, which allows for tight close-ups of her pink puss. Bryan slaps her thighs and even pets one of her bare feet. For her final scene Katrina is kneeling. On camera, Bryan first hammer-ties her arms then binds her into a strict, cross-legged ball-tie!