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CAST: Lena Ramon


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lovely, blue-eyed Lena Ramon makes her Close-Up debut in this video - but those pretty peepers don't get a lot of screen time! Her first bondage is a chair tie. She wears a lacy black dress, and plays the damsel in distress to the hilt. This gal really understands blindfolds! Next, she's in an asymmetrical, elbows-together hogtie on a small sofa and we get a great view up her skirt. Her third position in a semi-ball, and for this she wears a peekaboo catsuit and red boots. Standing in a doorway, Lena is wrapped up snugly in shiny vinyl bondage tape. Her blindfold and gag are both tight strips of yellow spandex. Finally, our heroine struggles alone in a bed spread-eagle. For this he wears nothing at all except for a crotchrope, a ballgag, and a leather blindfold!