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CAST: Catalina L`Amour,Cathryn Beaumont,Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Cathryn, Stacy Burke and Catalina L'Amour are all up for the same modeling assignment as spokesperson for a new shampoo. Stacy's the beach-bunny type, Catalina's a glamour girl, and Cathryn's the classic "all-American girl."
Or is she?
Hoping to subdue the competition before the following morning's call-back audition, Cathryn invites her fellow models over for a chat, then ties each of them up! First Catalina in the living room, then Stacy in the kitchen. Catalina manages to slip her ropes, though, and soon Cathryn is bound and subjected to a Catalina's roaming hands. Later, Catalina finds Stacy in the kitchen and takes her to see how she's tied Cathryn, but Stacy is surprised to see Cathryn's clothing open. "So you like to see girls tied up, huh?" she asks just before she jumps Catalina!
Soon Stacy has Cathryn and Catalina tied back to back, but that's not all. She uses vibrators on each, forcing REAL ORGASMS from their helpless bodies!
Figuring all three can be friends after such an intimate experience, Stacy lets her captives loose, only to be grabbed, tied, and forced to her own VIBRATOR CLIMAX!
Three beautiful blondes, three forced orgasms, lots of rope and ballgags galore!