Blondes In Peril The Narcoleptic Agent

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CAST: Angelique Lei,Nicolette Foster,Sabrina Love-Cox


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Beautiful Nicolette Foster portrays an undercover federal agent who has a condition that causes her to fall asleep at any moment. As she begins to trap new roommate Sabrina Cox a dangerous con artist her narcolepsy proves to be a big liability. After being bound and gagged by Sabrina each time she falls asleep (an open legged bed tie and a floor tie), Nicolette finally gets the devious damsel with the help of agent Rocky Cliff, binding her in a tight hogtie and an unusual chair tie. Another gorgeous blonde (also Sabrina's partner in crime), Angelique Lei, is captured by Nicolette's fellow agents and taped up (tape gagged over a mouth full of stuffing)."