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CAST: Shannon Kelly

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When we see Jay arrive home to find the big black box waiting on his porch, we know we’re in for a good time. Sure enough, Jay opens the creepy crate to find none other than Shannon Kelly tied up inside! This bondage dynamo has proven that she can handle pretty much anything the devious Mr. Edwards can dish out. Of course, that may just work against her now! Extricating his new playtoy from her wooden carton, he thoroughly inspects the merchandise right there the front stoop, then carries her inside for twenty-four hours of strenuous bondage fun. Shannon totters on her tied ankles as he leashes her crotchrope up to the ceiling to keep her in place while he decides what to do to her next. Stripped down to not much more that her stockings and heels, Shannon lays on her back with her wrists tied to her ankles. A crotchrope suspends her hips in the air while Jay clothespins her nips and whips her pussy. Your jaw will drop when he cranks up the crotchrope and she’s fully-suspended from her hips, spinning helplessly in the air! Standing, Shannon is roped tightly to a post while Jay suspends one of her legs in the air and puts nasty little black clips on her tender nip-nubs. We now find petite Shannon kneeling on the floor with steel handcuffs on her elbows and wrists. Steel cuffs also keep her ankles locked back around the post so she can't sit down for comfort. Tough enough for most, but not Jay (or Shannon). Re-locking her wrists in front, Jay secures them up over her head...and then cranks her off the ground, into a full wrist handcuff suspension! (This is intense, folks – don't try it at home!) Back on terra firma, Shannon is bent forward with a long spreader bar between her ankles for some weighted nipple clamps and a sound ass-whipping, then she luxuriates in a strict frogtie that eventually becomes yet another full-suspension! When Jay decides his guest has hung around his house long enough, her packs her back into her wooden traveling case to be picked up and taken to the next guy on the list! Rounding out the program are three scenes starring a newcomer to the Edwards stable. Lovely Latina Carmen handles Jay’s strict bondage quite well and even endures intense breast torment with grace! (And as always, a fat preview of the next exciting production is included!)