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CAST: Christie,Tory Sinclair,Vanessa

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Three ladies submit to Jay Edwards' mastery, with gag-drooling results! Blonde sweetheart Christie endures the classic strappado position, with her wrists pulled way up behind and nipples clamps to finish the picture. Jay teaches unruly Tory Sinclair a lesson--or rather, six lessons! Tory's undressed on camera and tied up as she struggles and whimpers. Naked and barefoot, she squirms on the sofa and floor in her efforts to get free. Steel handcuffs secure her elbows and wrists as thumbcuffs pinch her big toes. Tory's then nipple-clamped, bound in leather and forced on tiptoe. Busty Vanessa is in a complaining mood, but Jay will have none of it, shutting her up with one gag after another. She's taken from high heels to bare feet and perches on a particularly uncomfortable hoisted crotch-strap. Also included: sample preview bits from 'The Master Controls'