Bound To The Drawing Board

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CAST: Nicole Thomas,Ona Zee


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Nichole Thomas draws a comic-strip that pits a beautiful heroine against a black-clad villainess. As Nichole labors at the drawing board, her vivid imagination generates fantasy after fantasy: Innocently appareled in blouse, skirt, and stockinged feet, the heroine (Nichole of course) falls into the clutches of the wicked lady (dynamic Ona Zee). Nichole's also bound and gagged in a colorful kimono, but soon gets the upper hand and reduces her fearsome rival to a struggling barefoot bondagette then takes her costume and watches her writhe in panties only. As Nichole fantasizes more freely heroine and villainess share bondages contrived by a mysterious third character before the pretty illustrator sees the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur in a most constraining manner! Both Ona and Nichole interpret their roles expertly and approach their bondages with energetic abandon. Stick around after the main feature for a bonus bondage scene starring Danielle Simone!