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CAST: Brandy (Aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

A few years ago Bryan Davis directed a video that so beautifully demonstrated the bondage chemistry he shares with blonde bombshell Brandy that we called it simply Brandy & Bryan. Well, he's done it again - his new production once again displays the close connection between a superb model and an outstanding rigger.
Petite but bodacious, Brandy spends the entire video in white and black satin lingerie, black stockings and black patent pumps. Eventually, a black waist cincher is added for more fetishy impact.
She starts out all alone on a cot. After a bit of toying, Bryan moves her to a standing position with a spreader bar, then he sits her down in a chair and removes her panty. A chairtie with a vibrator is next, then it's time for a couple of positions on a padded box. (Watch for a special moment when Brandy licks at her penis-gag before it is pushed into her mouth!)
ANOTHER vibrator scene adds spice before our closing shot of pretty Brandy kneeling on all fours.