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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Janet Kennedy,Joy Fox,Tatiana Varga,Tory Sinclair


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Another premier barefoot bondage experience from everyone's favorite "foot guys" Eric Holman and Elliot Shear! Bambi Newberry and Tory Sinclair play two naïve, struggling actresses who end up at the mercy of a burglar. Joy Fox and Janet Kennedy play two starlets taken advantage of by a sleazy producer. Tatiana Varga has a solo scene, then Bambi has four steamy bondages alone...including one in a sudsy bathtub! Reviewer Gene Ross of AVN Magazine had this to say... "With a marked emphasis on foot restraint for fans of that particular fetish, this tape offers a healthy variety of rope-tie scenarios featuring some of the finest-looking women you'll come across in the specialty genre. Full dress to full nudity constitutes the fashion statement, and Bambi (a real looker) appears several times during the course of the proceedings. Her bathtub escape attempt is one of those great moments in time. A must-stock item for lovers of this subject matter."