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CAST: Brittany Andrews,Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Brittany and Jay have decided to take the weekend off and spend their time together. Jay wants a little rest and relaxation, but Brittany has other ideas. She primps and pretties herself, then goes after Jay with lusty abandon until he agrees to spend their vacation binding and dominating her! Her first bondage is on a slave chair. Throughout the scene Jay continually tightens the press on her breasts, then adds a little device that allows a constant tug on the clamps that grip her nipples. Ballgagged and arched backward against a short post, Brittany can only gasp and twitch as Jay flogs her tits, belly and hips with a stinger whip.
On her knees again, her huge boobs tightly bound, Brittany proves her obedience when Jay places a mounted rubber phallus in front of her face and removes her gag. In the next scene we find the leggy blonde standing, bound very securely in thin chain, then tightly wound up in black cord. Eve Ellis plays the damsel in distress as Jay carries her in. He pulls off her clothes and ties her to a post with a bar that smashes up against her most delicate parts! Eve also experiences the breast-press, then a heavy concrete block is suspended from her crotchrope! Finally, Eve teeters on her five-inch heels, her wrists are secured between her thighs, and Jay whips her ass!
Includes previews of JEV-97!