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CAST: Brook Evans,Carli

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When aggressive attourney Barbara Miller hears about the exclusive Businessmen's Dinner Club she's determined to become a member. She phones club rep Jay Edwards repeatedly, interrupting him when he tried to explain that she may not want to join. She keeps insisting until Jay aggrees to a meeting.Jay presents a guest agreement to Barbara and asks her to read it. Instead, she signs it without a glance, demanding to attend a club event. Jay assents, grabs Barbara and ties and gags her. Now that he can get a word in, Jay explains that the club's public name is only for discretion; the organization's real name is the Bondage & Discipline Club. As Barbara twists and turns in her beautiful evening dress and high heels, Jay blindfolds, manhandles and strips her. On-screen he applies tight rubber strips up and down her struggling body, then spanks his astounded captive. Barbara's regretting her earlier obstinate attitude! Highlights of her torments: Forced mouth-packing with head-wrap. As Jay snugs up a tight hogtie, Barbara drools from her ring gag. A sexy invention keeps her legs spread apart for a crotchrope, cranked butterfly clams and-- oh, the pain!--a stinger-ship snapped against her thighs and ass. Left alone in bondage, Barbara's lips wrap around her small steel bargag as she succumbs to sensual sensations. After she comes to accept and desire her slavery, Barbara is barefoot for her final two scenes. Led on a rope leash, she's forced into a slave box for safekeeping. When last we see her, she's toe-tied! Very cute brunette BROOK EVANS is a real find. Compliance is paramount as Jay expects best behavior from his pretty slave. Brook's beautiful breasts endure "squasher" nipple clamps (applied on-screen), weighted nipple clamps, rough-n-tough butterfly clamps, fondling and breast-slapping. Gags include a silver-bell gag, on-screen application of double-packing plus head-wrap, and a ballgag changed to a sponge gag. At the beginning of one scene there is a discipline mark already visible on her buttcheek; Jay heats Brook's ass with a starter whip--and then comes the echoing crack of double-tongued leather on her red rear!