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CAST: Lorelei (aka Kristine Imboch), Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lorelei wants so much to tie up buxom Summer Cummings, she'll resort to anything--even extortion! Lori learns a little something about Summer's boyfriend, then threatens to tell the police. Summer must choose between being Lori's bondage slave or having her boyfriend get busted!
Summer pouts sweetly as she submits to on-screen tying and gagging. She's roped to the bedpost and her big beautiful breasts are explored by Lorelei's small hands.
The banter becomes playful, and as Summer eyes the camera seductively, you begin to suspect she rather enjoys being extorted... especially when she's bent over a divan, wiggling her pretty ass for the crop! Lorelei discovers that Summer likes having her foot-soles tapped, so that need is addressed too. The bondage session climaxes with a sexy spread-eagle: magnet weights are clipped to her labia rings, and a vibrator buzzes her clit until Summer explodes in an unexpected orgasm! (Yes, a REAL orgasm!)
Bonus hogtie scene: Some of you asked us why the captives didn't struggle through the extreme hogties featured in "The Pearl Necklace" (KISS-33). The answer is that it's just too painful to move much! But Lorelei braves it here anyway, wiggling as best she can with her blindfold leashed strictly back to her toes!