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CAST: Carolyn Monroe, Cleo Nichole, Tanya Danielle, Zana


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

It may be freezing cold in some parts of the world but here in Southern California it's almost always warm and sunny...and what better way to celebrate the weather than to indulge in this bevy of tightly bound, bikini-clad SoCal beauties?
Bodacious blondes Tanya Danielle and Zana start us off with a back-to-back tie outdoors, then we find luscious Carolyn Monroe and Cleo Nichole in a bottomless, barefoot dual-hogtie on the living room floor!
Tanya and Zana are tied side-by-side on the sofa, then it's back outside for Cleo and Carolyn tied to the trellis.
Tanya and Zana struggle futilely in crossed-ankle hogties, then Cleo and Carolyn are frogtied to show off the smooth, shiny spandex crotches of their matching pink bikini bottoms.
Zana and Tanya wriggle adorably as they try to pull off each others teeny-bikinis!
Carolyn and Cleo head back outdoors for a side-by-side strap-up on a bench, then it's climax time!
Tanya is sofa-bound and completely vulnerable to Zana's wandering hands and vibrator -- she squeals and clenches as she comes!
Tit-tied Carolyn is roped with her legs spread wide so that sexy Cleo can tease her oh-so-sensitive pussy to a wrenching orgasm!