Caged Dirty Sex Wrestling

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CAST: Aria,Domino,Jerry,Lee Stone,Lucy Lee,Peter Shaft,Sascha,Sharon Wild


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

CAGED DIRTY SEX WRESTLING is a hetero sexational four feature fuck fest! Salaciously shot and edited by Johnny Durango... who’s in-your-face camera work practically guarantees you’ll pre-ejaculate against your will. FEATURE ONE: ARIA & LEE STONE Ahh-h.. Aria! Long red hair, small stiff nipples, shaved smooth man-eater pussy, wearing a blue metallic string bikini.... knows what she wants and how to get it from... Lee Stone. Good lookin’ tattooed bodybuilder Lee wearing second-skin blue tights.... quickly gets Aria going by spitting on her face and tits... then sucking and chewing them. Lee slaps, manhandles, and fucks Aria’s pussy with his BIG love club as she hisses...” You own that fuckin’ pussy, don’t ya !!!” and “Look at me when you cum.... LOOK AT ME !!!” Then she gushes a gallon of pussy wine, and he shoots a gallon of spooge. And you’ll have already blown your wad before FEATURE TWO: DOMINO & PETER SHAFT Up front, Domino is a filthy mouthed, ball breakin’, jet black haired goth dominatrix. And she slaps, spanks, chokes, scratches, bites, torments, punishes and humiliates goth boystud Peter Shaft to his heart’s delight. Wearing a black mesh body stocking and brandishing long, l-o-n-g fingernails... she brings scratch blood to Peter’s chest and back while ripping off his silver tights. If Peter boy gets his face slapped once, Domino slaps it for him a hundred times. She finally does the dirty dunk while dirty mouthing her boy toy the whole time he’s fucking her. Domino rules! FEATURE THREE: LUCY LEE & SASHA Long black haired Asian lotus Lucy struts her swack wearing a silver lame mini-skirt with no panties... tempting Eurostud Sasha to get it on. Sasha likes to eat Chinese, and Lucy is his all-you-can-eat pussy buffet. But dirty little Lucy makes Sasha work for his dinner. She rip strips him out of his tights and chokes him with them until he submits. Fighting back Sasha mounts his fortune cookie and plows her pony style yanking back on her long black hair to make her perform like he wants. Finally West shoots all over East’s small protruding plum colored nipples... and Sasha is satisfied... at least for an hour. FEATURE FOUR: SHARON WILDE & JERRY Resembling Sharon Stone, blond beauty Sharon Wilde is movie star beautiful wearing the shortest pink shorts ever and a black fishnet top. Cocky marine grunt type Jerry gets all hung up getting his blue tights off, and Sharon takes full advantage of his helplessness. She gropes, bites, spanks, and dirty talks her grunt. Jerry fixates on and works her nipples, then eats and Eats and EATS Sharon’s Oscar performing pussy. Soon the “movie star” and the “marine” get down to serious fucking. Jerry split splays Sharon’s luv lips and plows deep and hard before jacking her up on all fours for a dirty dog style finale. CAGED DIRTY SEX WRESTLING would be a fuck video bargain at twice the price. FOUR hot looking couples engorge your imagination and fuel your fantasies as they wrestle, grapple, and fuck in every position imaginable.... all filmed IN DEEP and IN YOUR FACE by the talented and perverted Johnny Durango. Four-4-One? When was the last time you got laid four times for the price of one?