California Hot Oil Wrestling 2

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CAST: Ava Ramon, Avy Lee Roth, Brooke, Jean Val Jean, Marco (2), Peter Shaft, Trina Michaels


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

OIL MATCH ONE: AVY LEE ROTH VS PETER SHAFT Armed with oil filled squeeze bottles, both young, both with black hair, and both geared in shorts and tank tops, Avy and Peter oil each other up and get down to it. Basically Avy's a bitch who loves to torment Peter. She knows her moves and Peter doesn't seem unhappy being bitch handled. But he does maneuver Avy into some split clit positions that almost melt the camera. Soon Avy purrs "We should be friends. I wanna fuck you." Stupid Peter drops his guard and gets his balls bashed. But it's still Peter who gets kissy first. Horny Avy vacuum sucks Peter's dick to full attention and mounts it aggressively announcing.... "I like to ride your cock!" The fucking heats up and Peter shafts Avy in multiple positions finally blowing his load all over his bitch's face and tits. OIL MATCH TWO: BROOKE VS MARCO Blond bombshell Brooke has both her tongue and belly button pierced. And married Italian womanizer Marco can't wait to get beautiful Brooke's big boobs out of her tiny pink and black bikini. Oiled up and all over each other, the wrestling soon heats up. Married Mr Italy pretends to fight, but Brooke encounters little resistance fist squeezing and foot squashing Marco's balls into a submission. It's pretty clear that both want to get the fuck on, so Brook swallow sucks Marco's big Italian salami. Rock hard and ready, Marco sets her up on all fours and fucks her like a dog....with her big tits hangin', swingin', and swayin'. And it's a long, hard fuck caught just for you by some truly filthy hot camera work. OIL MATCH 3: TRINA MICHAELS & AVA RAMON, VS JEAN VAL JEAN. WARNING: Even the most jaded porn pervs may permanently injur their cocks over-dose masturbating to this video. It's every man's fantasy. Two beautiful and vigorously athletic women fight to fuck very lucky French stud Jean Val Jean. Before the action even starts Trina Michaels tells JVJ that she and Ava Ramon are going to "Kick your ass back to France." Those words are a jump-start for JVJ's dick and the hot oil three-way is on. Trina and Ava both wear French string bikini suits that disappear quickly. And the girls just as quickly remove JVJ's gym shorts. Trina and Ava know their only advantage is to double team JVJ with face slapping, hair pulling, ball grabbing, double ass spanking, etc., etc., etc. They even make the Frenchman submit once to a four limb spread eagle. Gentlemen....this is a-m-a-z-i-n-g 3-way hardcore action. Every position three oiled up hotbodies can get into....every hole three tongues and a cock can ravage....every combination of body cavity penetration imaginable....this match of this video has it all. Then more! And even MORE! No one man has EVER had better sex with two women than the fucking lucky Frenchman in CALIFORNIA HOT OIL WRESTLING 2 has. JVJ deserved a respirator, and Trina and Ava deserve porn industry awards. You must own this video!