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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

As we open, Bryan leads lovely Eve Ellis into a deserted building. She wears an oversized coat over her black mini-dress and boots and it takes a quick moment to realize she is ballgagged. When Bryan takes off her coat we see that she is completely bound from the waist up! Bryan leads her around before pulling off her dress and tying on a tight crotchrope, but as soon as he steps away she's off. Of course Bryan catches her, and of course she ends up bound and bound again. She's tied to a post, a bed, a chair and a slave table. Her breasts are manhandled, her nipples are clamped...she even suffers the discomfort and humiliation of a hoisted crotchrope. She eventually ends up completely nude and barefoot. There's one scene of particular interest for those who love onscreen tying?at the scene's beginning Eve is only bound at elbows and wrists, but rope master Bryan adds on strand after strand until she's packaged into one of the most thorough hogtie-variations you will ever see! Poor Eve. It looks as though she'll never get away from her villainous captor...but does she want to?