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CAST: Francesca Lé

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Slinky burglar Francesca sneaks into Bryan's yard, climbs through a window, and begins to snoop -- but she's grabbed from behind and rope-bound. She won't let on what she's doing there, so Bryan feels her up, ignoring her tough-girl attitude. A fantastic bed-bind secures her utterly. Her full breasts are uncovered and both nipples are pulled on until they stand at attention. When her ballgag is removed for a moment, the tight strap-marks are visible on her face. Bryan strings Francesca's nipples tightly toward the headboard -- in spite of her unhappy moans.In a very active scene, Francesca's roped on-screen into a frog-tie, during which she rolls herself off the bed and tries to scramble away -- in spite of the fact that her hands are bound behind her back and she only has one leg free. Bryan reclaims his captive, who's so feisty that she has to be punished with a riding crop. She's then wracked into a horizontal bed-strappado with toe-bondage and rope-gag -- a great, helpless position! But as soon as Bryan starts to free her, she gets rebellious again, so he spanks her shapely ass to get things under control. Ignoring her moans as she drools helplessly and saliva musses her pretty hair, Bryan prepares to rope his victim into a nasty back-bender. Highlights of this tale include fondling, on-screen tying of breast-bondage, and nice close-ups between Francesca's forced-open legs. Curiosity caught the cat-burglar, and will she regret her transgression? It remains to be seen?!